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Meet Our Coffee...

Whether, you choose to relax and enjoy your coffee here, or take home a pound of beans (whole or ground to your satisfaction), you'll experience a sensory journey around these world-class flavors.



House BlendServed every day. A dark roast with a rich, bold flavor, cocoa aroma and a hint of dark chocolate sweetness.

EspressoServed every day. A cocoa-scented, dark roasted-to-perfection bean with a rich, bold, dark chocolate flavor and an edge of sharpness.

Tanzanian PeaberryServed on Monday. A unique, heavy-bodied, earthy coffee blend that goes down smooth, bold and natural.

Ethiopian HarrarServed on Tuesday. A medium to heavy-bodied coffee with a sweet aroma and a mildly wild, fruity flavor with a blueberry finish. (Fair Trade Organic)

Guatemalan – Served on Wednesday. A medium-bodied coffee with a bright, tangy taste that rolls into a soothing, wine-like after taste.

Ethiopian YirgacheffeServed on Thursday. A light to medium roast, bright and zesty coffee that is medium-bodied, with a floral aroma, a taste that is bursting with citrus notes, and a lively after taste. (Fair Trade Organic)

Kona BlendServed on Friday. A light-medium roast with a well-rounded, smooth, soft buttery taste and a bit of wild strawberry & cocoa. 

Costa RicanServed on Saturday. A high-bodied coffee with a rich, sharp flavor, grown in the volcanic region of Tarrazu, begins with a crisp taste which moves into a deep richness.

French RoastServed on Sunday. Served on Sunday. A medium to full-bodied Central American blend with a special clean taste and splash of Tanzanian Peaberry.

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